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BlackOutEZ...window covers

The E-Z Way to Darken Room


Install in Minutes, No Tools, Keep Existing Treatments


Bitta Kidda...the wearable lovie


Lovie + Sack = Sleep


Buy the Book!


For some families, all they need is to purchase the program to get the results they are seeking. 

However, the program does have its limitations since every baby is different and it is impossible to address

each family’s individual circumstances and answer all the questions that will come up along the way and you

will definitely have questions! The advantages of working with me as you guide your little one toward establishing healthy sleep habits are:


  • Before meeting for our consultation I will send you a detailed questionnaire which provides me with all the

     information needed to create a plan tailored not only to your child, but to your family as well.

  • We meet for a 60-90 minute consultation before you implement the plan where you can ask questions about what to expect    and discuss any concerns. This way you will feel knowledgeable and prepared to handle any scenario that may arise.

  • During our time together, I am here to support you through phone calls and emails, answering any questions and in some cases, making slight changes to the plan when necessary to guarantee success!

  • In addition, I provide you with the tools you need to ensure that your child’s sleep stays on track as they get older, such as: nap transitions, traveling and the dreaded daylight savings time!


However, a Private Consultation may not be a possibility for all families, so I have provided you with a link below if you feel simply purchasing The Sleep Sense™ Program is the right fit for you. After starting the program you realize some extra support would be beneficial throughout the process, please be in touch as I have additional services that are great add-ons to the program.


Thank you for your interest in Crystal Clear Sleep Solutions and for visiting my website. As you may know my techniques are based on the well known Sleep Sense™ Program, which is truly the BEST do-it-yourself sleep program out there and has helped over 30,000 families...including my own!  The step-by-step process explains what to do day and night to get your child sleeping well and living a healthy, happy and active life. 

Please Call to Discuss Questions and Options!


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